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To view the monthly aggregated temperature and humidity data: Click here.

Over the last 24h, the pressure is falling
The data shown here is collected on a weather station at 51.535000 -3.4407000 (WGS84)/ ST000827 (OSGB32).
Temperature/Humidity is collected using a DHT-22 sensor, and rainfall is measured using a tipping bucket rain gauge (0.04mm resolution).
Data is now collected every 30 minutes. (Increased from 1h intervals)
The following plots are generated automatically every 5 minutes (starting on the hour). The data was reset on 11/05/2019.

This graph shows an aggregated plot of the weather since the station has been in operation. The blue and red lines are the data from today.
Blue represents the relative humidity, and red represents the temperature.

The above graph represents the rainfall throughout the previous 24h in mm/hour of rainfall.

The above graph shows how the pressure at the station has changed over the last 7 days